Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Car trouble and some graving

I just found out my car is going to need a new alternator.

We just replaced the old one in Dec 2005. At that time, John and I were on our way to Roanoke VA when the battery light came on. We stopped at a little garage along the way, and the mechanic there was able to get us a new one and installed it for about $250. I've found out today that it was a bargain! The dealership we use here wanted about $1000 to purchase and install a new Honda alternator. We were in shock! My car is a 1992 Honda, and that's almost what the car is worth. I'm not ready to buy a new car, though, so we'll be looking at other alternatives. John checked Autozone and they have a compatable alternator for $186, with a core refund of $60. We'll probably buy that one and have Honda install it. Geez!

While we were at the dealership, I took some time to go take photos of a tiny cemetery between the Honda and Lexus lots. There were 16 recognizeable graves. Most were of people who were obviously related to each other, but I was somewhat puzzled by two more recent burials, that of Hans Lowenbach and his wife. Since there was no sign identifying the graveyard, when I returned home, I searched the Durham County North Carolina Cemeteries site. The mystery seems to have been cleared up when I read on the transcript

Canvassed by Dr. Hans Lowenbach (1981)

I wonder if he might have owned the property at some time.

Take a look at my new cemetery entries on Find a Grave at Penny-Trice Family Cemetery. I have also uploaded a couple of cemetery photos to the front page, but they might not be approved yet.

I added a comment to the original posting of this entry which read:

Just a quick update...John found me an alternator at a junk yard that cost $35. We had the dealership mechanic install it and it's working great so far. For that price (plus the cost of labor at the dealership) we can have it replaced 5 times for the price of a new Honda alternator!

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