Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family photo

I've been meaning to try creating new posts for this blog, but I've been waiting to feel inspired.

I have another blog that I use for posting my pictures for various
Photo Memes I've found. Recently, one of the sites I visit, gave us a theme of "Nostalgic". That was a tough one, mainly because I think of the past when I'm nostalgic. I have hundreds of scanned photos of my family that I've been able to collect from relatives, but they aren't "mine" technically because I didn't take them. I hope you'll visit Cherie Takes Pictures: Nostalgic to see what I posted because it's somewhat genealogy related, or at least it's family related.

After I posted it, I thought someone might be interested in seeing what those "kids" looked like when they were children, so I'm posting the photo you see below.

From left to right: Charlotte, Elizabeth, Jim (my dad, in front), Louise, and David. On the back of the photo is written the year, 1939. Uncle Dave died in
1987. On my other blog, the order is Jim, Elizabeth, Louise, and Charlotte.

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