Friday, November 28, 2008

Repost from old Blog

This is a repost of an entry in a personal/political journal I used to keep on AOL. I made the original post on 11/30/2004. Now that AOL has discontinued its journals and websites, I have the journal, called "Who Cares What I Think?" archived on Blogger, but I have kept it private because I haven't gotten around to taking the time to format it to make it look nice. Since I referenced this entry in another entry in this blog, I decided to recreate it here. You can see where I referenced it in My Famous Progenitor. This entry was originally titled "Family Disgrace?" I wish there was a way to share the comments from the original post, I thought they were amusing!

Thanks to free access over the weekend to the database of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, I have been obsessed the last few days with looking for info about one of my ancestors. His name was Philip Sherman, and he lived from 1610 to 1687. He came to Massachusetts from England in 1834, but left the Puritan church about 1637 to go to Rhode Island where he became a Quaker. This is how it was described in the NEHGR in 1870, Vol 24, on pages 64-65:

In the Anne Hutchinson troubles, in Boston, he took the popular side; but as Gov. Winthrop ultimately prevailed, he with others found it convenient to immigrate to Rhode Island. In Providence, they met Roger Williams, who advised them to purchase the island of Aquetnet (now Rhode Island) of the Indians. The purchase was completed March 24, 1638. On the first day of July, 1639, they established a regular government, of which Coddington was chosen governor and Philip Sherman secretary. after this he often held office in the colony, and, in critical periods, as a man of intelligence, wealth and influence, was frequently consulted by those in authority.

A helpful relative has created a timeline of his life here: Philip Sherman (1610 - 1687)

And this is the link to his info in my files: Philip Sherman

The plaque in this picture shows his name spelled "Phillip Shearman". It's in Founders Park, Portsmouth RI, and a link can be found here.

I was feeling pretty proud to be descended from this guy. Wouldn't you? But then I found this horrible fact: George W. Bush is also a descendant of Phillip Sherman. If you're interested in how, visit this page and scroll down to the 7th table.

One bright spot, The table on the previously referenced page also shows that I am also related to John Kerry thru the great-grandfather of Phillip Sherman. I'm not sure that will make up for the shame of being related to the Bushes. :::::::shudder:::::::

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