Sunday, February 22, 2009

KreativBlogger: Me?

I'm shocked! Valerie C. at Begin with 'Craft' picked this blog for a KreativBlogger Award! I was just checking out blogs last night who had received it, and I remembered feeling relieved that I probably wouldn't get one, so I didn't have to worry about who I would select!

Just kidding, Valerie, I'm honored!

Here are the procedures connected with the KreativBlogger Award:

  • Copy the award to your site.
  • Link to the person from whom you received the award.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.
  • Link to those sites on your blog.
  • Leave a message on the blogs you nominate.

Now for the hard part. My choices are blogs that I read regularly who I don't think have been nominated before. I started searching for other people who were blogging about genealogy before I found the Genea-Blogging community, so some of these might be new to you! I like blogs with lots of pictures, shared information and other personal touches the best.

These are listed in no particular order.

I hope anyone reading this will take a look at these blogs!

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