Sunday, March 8, 2009

11th Edition - Smile For The Camera: Brothers & Sisters

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The word prompt for the 11th Edition of Smile For The Camera is brothers & sisters? Were they battling brothers, shy little sisters, or was it brother & sister against the world? Our ancestors often had only their siblings for company. Were they best friends or not? Show us that picture that you found with your family photographs or in your collection that shows your rendition of brothers & sisters. Bring them to the carnival and share.

This is a fairly informal photo of my dad, his sisters and brother with their dad. I'm not sure where this was taken, but if I had to guess, I'd say Ohiopyle which from family stories seemed to have been a favorite location for outings. My dad looks about 5 to me, so it had to have been taken around 1940 or a little earlier.

From left to right: Dad, Elizabeth, Louise, Charlotte, David and Grandpap.

I like the casual feeling to this photo, almost as if they weren't posing. Uncle Dave and Pappap died in 1987, but my dad and his sisters, despite the fact that they live in far-flung areas of the country, have stayed close and still tease each other the way I magine they must have done when they were children!


  1. Awesome picture. I always enjoy these older family photo's. How nice you have them. Good luck with your research.
    posted some new travel info, swing by for a visit, no packing necessary

  2. Ohiopyle....I was just there this past summer! Enjoying your family photos.

  3. Thanks Sandy! I was lucky to get to scan a bunch of them several years ago, and I have nice cousins who share :)

    And Linda, I haven't been to Ohiopyle for years, maybe since I was a very young child. But if you're interested, there's a picture of my grandma and her father taken there that I uploaded to Find a Grave. It was taken before Grandma was married. You can see it HERE.


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