Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Canonsburg's Potteries

You may remember that when I wrote about my grandfather, Charles Atkinson, last week, I mentioned that I had asked for permission from the Jefferson College Historical Society to repost an article that came from their website in the early 2000s.  Two days ago, I received permission and yesterday I uploaded this:
Canonsburg's Potteries

When this first appeared on the Internet, I was so excited that I downloaded the entire article and photographs so that I would always have a copy for myself!  I'm very grateful that the JCHS representative and Mr Herron, the author, gave me permission to recreate the page!  When I wrote about Pappap, I searched for a good history page about the potteries in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, but I couldn't find anything as well researched and as complete as this article!

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  1. PS...My cousin, Russell Bedillion tells me that the Frank Bedillion was his other grandfather. I guess pottery is in his blood!


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