Thursday, December 18, 2008

3 wishes

I waited too long to submit this entry, but I thought, "Why not do it anyway?" I'm always looking for ideas!

Dear Genea Santa,

While my biggest wishes this year are for both my parents to continue to have a good quality of life, I know that you are only able to help me with my genealogy related material items. I had to think for a long time about the things I really want!

1. First of all, I wish I had thought to ask for my grandma's set of dishes when my grandfather died. They were pink, with tiny flowers on them, made by the Canonsburg Pottery where my grandfather worked for 40 years. A few years ago, I was able to find a similar set to buy on eBay, but I've never seen Grandma's exact pattern anywhere.

2. In his will, my g-g-g-grandfather, James P. Skiles, bequeaths pictures of his deceased daughters, Mary Ann and Rachel, to two of his then living daughters, Rebecca and Martha. If I can't have the originals, I'd love to own copies!

3. My third wish is also for photos. My mother says that she had an album full of childhood photos of herself before she was married. When she left home, an argument with her Aunt resulted in my mom NOT bringing any of her personal possessions with her. I have often wondered if that album still exists. I have never seen a picture of my mother where she was younger than 18.

I hope I'm not asking for too much. If you can get these for me, it will be my best Christmas ever! Then I hope you'll get a well-deserved rest after fulfilling everyone's genealogy wishes this year!

Love, Cherie :)

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  1. Better late than never I always say! I hope you are granted your wishes.

  2. Cherie,

    Have you tried If they don't have your pattern, you can set up e-mail alerts to notify you when they do.

    Good luck, and happy hunting!

  3. Thanks for the link, Miriam! I looked, they don't have it, and unfortunately, I don't know the name of the pattern. However, this has given me some incentive to keep looking!


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