Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I uploaded the PowerPoint presentation to Google Docs so I could embed it here for everyone. However, they removed the pretty fonts and transitions I used, so if you have PowerPoint (or a PowerPoint Viewer), you can download and view the original HERE.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!


  1. I just found your blog with your link on the Allegheny County roots web. I have thought of starting one for genealogy, and now I will seriously consider one after I read the Blogroll.

    Claudia DOWD Sperl

  2. There are some really great genie blogs out there! I hope you'll let me know when you start yours, it'll be great to compare notes with someone else with Allegheny County roots!


    I just started and have one entry. LOL I am undecided or just do not know exactly how to begin. Any idea on that subject.

  4. LOL! I'm probably not the one to ask, it's not like I have a lot of readers! I just write about my family, places I go to do research, problems I've had, some of my brick walls, stuff like that.


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