Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm gonna get this one in on time :)

Here's the description for the next Carnival of Genealogy project:

The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: New Year's Resolutions! What plans do you have for your genealogy research next year? How about for your blogging? No groaning or whining now. Write 'em up and let us know! The deadline for submissions is January 1st, 2009.

See: Creative Gene: Carnival of Genealogy, 62nd Edition

I'm such a procrastinator, I always have tons of things I should be doing, so it's easy to come up with a list of things I NEED to get done!

  1. My little sister, who was adopted by my dad, tracked down her biological father and now has a relationship with him and his wife. About a year ago, I offered to do some research on his family for her, and then promptly forgot what she told me his surname was. I finally got over my embarrassment enough to ask her again, and I fully intend to fulfill that promise! It'll be good practice for me, by coincidence, he lives about 50 miles from me here in NC, and I'm very close to the NC State Archives. I have little reason to visit to research my own relatives there.
  2. One of my long-time goals has been to scan all my paper records into PDF files and organize them. Last Spring I upgraded my Adobe Acrobat to version 8, which supports a paper feeder. My old version was 3, which made it necessary for me to feed the sheets one at a time to scan. Now I have little excuse to keep putting it off.
  3. One of my worst habits is doing research and not getting it entered into my genealogy program. I have pages that I copied and notes that I made from two week-long visits to Salt Lake City in 2007 and 2008 that I still haven't organized and entered. It's about time, don't you think?
  4. In 2005, I borrowed 10 boxes of slide projector carousels from my dad that I want to scan. Each one holds up to 80 slides, and most are full. These are photos from my young childhood and my teen years, family pictures and vacation slides. I think I've scanned 10, total. That's another thing I need to get to work on.
  5. I have tons of photocopies of wills that need transcribed. That's something I find so frustrating, though, that I'll probably NOT get around to them this year!
I think that'll be enough to keep me busy for at least a year, don't you think? What about you?


  1. hi its nancybrownowl here from scotland hope you dont mind me following you your blogs sound great im new to this cheerio for now xhave a lovely new year

  2. Now why would I mind? :)

    Honestly, it's nice to know someone's paying attention, and I love hearing what you think! Thanks!

  3. hi again Cherie i am just checking through my blog i sure am doing something wrong trying to get pics on my blog.I had my friend nearly pulling her hair out trying to get onto your your Cheries Genealogy. Trees is her name she has a blog of the GARDEN OF HOPE
    take care have a lovely new year all the best for 2009 from nancybrownowlxx

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  5. The best advice I ever received and I will pass it on to you.


    How do you eat an elephant?


    One bite at a time.

    Each morning I scan three photos. Say you only do that 200 days in 2009. At the end you've scanned 600 photos.

    This has made the tasks so manageable for me. I hope it works for you.



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