Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tombstone Tuesday: William & Sadie (McConnell) Dunlap

To the right, you see the grave markers for William and Sadie Dunlap. Sadie was the sister of my g-g-grandmother, Mary (McConnell) Fife. As you can see, at the time when I last visited their graves, these stones were almost completely buried under dirt and grass. Below is the large marker for the family plot. The name Schaufele was their daughter, Mary's married name. I had visited a few times, but had never found the graves of William and Sadie's daughter and son-in-law. I had wondered if their stones HAD been completely buried under the sod, or if they had never been buried there.

Through one of my genealogy email lists, I came into contact with a woman who works at Oak Spring Cemetery. she has been very helpful to me in tracking down my relatives buried there. Eventually, I realized that she might have a clue as to where the Schaufele graves might be. And I was right. She checked the records for plot ownership and found this note:

"On Feb. 10, 1966, Mrs. J. W. Schaufele sold 4 lots back to Oak Spring Cemetery since she was now living in Arizona."

Now I know, to track down what became of the descendants of my g-g-grandma's sister, I need to search in Arizona!

Interested in seeing what these people looked like? I have posted an old photograph on Find a Grave! Luckily, it's one of the few I have seen that someone IDed the people on the back of the photo!

I have also been told that the graves are no longer buried. When I get back there, I'll have to take new photos!

(Just a side note: I had a little problem with the formatting of this entry. It looks fine in Firefox, but not so good if you're using IE...sorry.)

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