Wednesday, February 4, 2009

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Happy birthday Rick!

Monday (Groundhogs' Day) was my brother, Rick's birthday. I'm not sure he'd want me to post his age for all to see, but I'll say that he's nearly 13 months younger than I am. Here are some pictures throughout his life (so far).

From left to right below: Rick as a baby; me and Rick in a photo taken in Ashland KY in 1960; Rick and me in our backyard in Painesville OH in the mid-60s; Rick with a catfish he caught in North Platte NE in 1971; Rick in the summer of 1979 behind our grandparents' house in Houston, PA.

And this is my most recent photo of him, with me and my mom after a meal at Outback in Mentor OH last August.

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