Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Susannah (Faris) Atkinson

Yes, it's been a very long time since I've touched this blog, and I can think of no way to ease back into it than by creating a Tombstone Tuesday entry!
You are looking at photos of the gravestone of my 3rd great grandmother, Susannah (Faris) Atkinson, daughter of William and Susannah (Curtis) Faris and wife of George Atkinson. They were taken in 1999 with a film camera.
My husband and I were able to visit the cemetery because he was doing some work in Columbus, OH at the time. When we got there, we couldn't find the grave right away, but I did find some of Susannah's relatives near a fallen gravestone. I became convinced that the fallen stone was the one we wanted, so John and I propped it up with pieces of the base and found that I was right! This was one of my earliest graving expeditions, so I was very excited! Poor John, though, was not so much. There was poison ivy under the marker and it was soon obvious that John should have been wearing gloves. I'll always be grateful for his help and I hope he felt like it was worth it!

You can visit Susannah's memorial on Find a Grave.


  1. Great idea...keep it up. Will you take submissions?

  2. Thanks Terry. I had never thought about taking submissions. In fact, I never thought anyone would be paying any attention :)

    Did you know that I was able to find the Clark graves in Comanche by reading a trascript of your Coffee with Clark radio program? I still have the printout somewhere.

  3. Ho did it feel to stand there and look at the tombstone of your ancestor? What went through your mind?


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