Tuesday, April 20, 2010

53 years ago today...

If you had been at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Ruff Creek PA on this day in 1957, you might have seen this happy couple, my parents, Jim and Ann (Tolbert) Atkinson. And while the marriage didn't last, I feel fortunate to have a good relationship with both of them, and even better, they have maintained a friendship of their own. In fact, they both visited me at the same time for several days in the early '00s. When people ask them how it went, they both say that it was fine and that their divorce took away their "license to fight". There is one thing my mom wishes she could have changed about that day. She says that if she had realized at the time that April 20 was Hitler's birthday, she probably would have picked a different day. That year, April 20 was the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, which is her favorite holiday!

And here, you see my most recent photos of me with each of them, with Mom last November, and with Dad last May.
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  1. Cherie,

    No wonder you are into Family History and that you have a Find-A-Grave Cemetery Picture list on your Blog page.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. LOL, Russ. I love that specific photo of my parents especially because it has a cemetery in the background! I went to see the church a few years ago with my mom and took a few pics. It's changed a bit see: HERE. I believe the large dark marker to the very far left in the pic of my parents is the same stone seen right behind the "Day" stone in the picture in that link. The tree there has grown a bit :)

  3. Hi Cherie,

    You probably don't remember me I am Robin (Rockel) Charles, my mom was your mother's sister. Her name was Mavis Jane Rockel, we met at my Aunt Macie's house a long time ago, I found this website searching for some family tree info. How is your mother doing, I seen that picture you have posted and was amazed at how much she looked like my mom. If you could email me about any info you have on their mother I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is rdcharles@suddenlink.net. After my dad died, we didn't have any phone numbers for your mom anymore, I don't know what he did with that information after my mom passed. Hope to hear from you. Thanks again, Robin (Rockel) Charles

  4. Hi Robin! I may not remember you specifically, but I'm sure I'd recognize you if I saw you! Thanks for leaving this message, I don't have any contact with your part of the family! I will write you an email soon. I don't have much info on Mattie, sure wish I could find out what happened to her!

  5. I got up this morning wondering what the hell I had been doing 53 years ago today. Thanks for cluing me in. I remember that wedding, that church, that day! Not really, but I was there.


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