Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gedmatch predicts my eye color...

I was reading someone's else's blog where they showed their own result from the Gedmatch Eye Color Prediction Tool so of course, I had to try it, too.  Before I started, I noticed this warning on the page, so I didn't expect the results to be perfect since, as you might remember, I had my DNA test done by
FTDNA Illumina and Ancestry.Com results may provide a prediction, but generally there are not enough of the necessary SNPs for it to be accurate.
This is what they predicted: 
The photo to the right is my actual eye!  I consider that close.  They also gave me a chance to rate the accuracy of the prediction.  Below were my choices.  Taking into consideration the disclaimer I quoted above, I chose #3 and mentioned in the comment box provided that my eyes are quite a bit darker than the picture.

Please rate the accuracy of this prediction. You can scroll down and leave additional explanation or comments below
  • It's exactly right.
  • Color is correct. It missed one or two tiny details, but it's very close.
  • Came close on the color(s), and got a lot of the details.
  • Got some of the colors in my eye, but missed a lot of details.
  • The color is not exactly close, but it's not a complete miss either.
  • The prediction missed the color completely, but it picked up a few other details.
  • Completely wrong. The color's not even close.
What do you think?


  1. This is awesome, because I recently did the same thing. I got the exact same predictive color, which I thought looked kind of werewolf-y! In fact, everyone in my family has green eyes, so I had to go thumbs-down.

    1. Yeah, it was wrong for my cousin, too. His eyes are sort of hazel/green but it came out blue for him!


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